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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LFN's Randy Jeffers Announces the Launch of Aloelicious w. Ecklonia Cava

Liberty Freedom Network Launches Aloelicious with Ecklonia Cava!  EKLONIA CAVA EXTRACT - The biggest and most important nutritional “Superfood “breakthrough in over 20 years!
The Deep Sea Miracle for your heart, brain, immune system, joints and much, much more! Guaranteed to provide your body with the most powerful antioxidants on earth, up to 100 times better than any land-based antioxidants! Eklonia cava extract’s free radical scavenging ability is up to 100 times greater than any land-based antioxidants, including green tea, red wine’s Resveratrol and the ever popular Acai berry. Antioxidants are a critically necessity for everyone. Our bodies have never been under a greater assault from free radical damage than they are today—we need powerful antioxidants to protect ourselves from the multitude of toxins and environmental pollutants that we are exposed to every single day! Left unchecked, free radicals disrupt the normal function of your cells, membranes, and even DNA, making you even more vulnerable to the ravages of pre-mature aging. But antioxidants act like little “Pac Men” by surrounding the free radicals, neutralizing them, and then destroying them, well before they can do their damage. But the big problem for most all of us, is that we do not get anywhere near enough of these antioxidants to us much good. You may be taking antioxidants such as vitamins C or E, beta carotene, selenium, green tea, or red wine’s Resveratrol, but none of those can even come close to the powerful antioxidant capacity of Eklonia cava extract! In fact, based on several independent studies, Eklonia cava extract extract’s antioxidant capacity surpasses the free radical scavenging ability of any land-based antioxidants by up to 100 times! How is this possible? Eklonia cava extract’s very unique molecular structure allows it to “trap” far more free radicals than any land-based antioxidant and it contains two types of powerful antioxidants: polyphenols and phlorotannins. Polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in many land-based products such as berries, tea leaves, grapes, pomegranates, fruits, and vegetables (and in Eklonia cava), have a molecular structure of two to four connected rings. Eklonia cava has these same polyphenols AND phlorotannins, which have a more sophisticated molecular structure of an unbelievable eight rings which allows it to trap far more free radicals than any other land based antioxidant. This “super antioxidant” penetrates your cells more effectively and gives you up to 24 time’s longer protection! Not only does Eklonia cava extract contain the most powerful antioxidants on earth, but recent research r suggests that it also gives your body longer protection because of  an additional huge benefit; Eklonia cava extract is 40 percent fat soluble. Why this is important? Most land-based antioxidants are water soluble. This means they work primarily outside of your cells and cannot penetrate the blood/brain barrier that helps protect your brain. Eklonia cava extract is able to pass through the blood/brain barrier to deliver tremendous antioxidant-free radical fighting protection for your brain!! Eklonia cava extract is water AND fat soluble, so it’s able to easily penetrate your cells, working inside of them for maximum protection and it stays in your body longer—as much as 12 hours longer, not like water soluble antioxidants which pass through your body and are expelled in your urine in about 30 minutes.

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